This article delves into the significance of process servers in Dubai’s legal landscape, exploring their duties, procedures, and importance in ensuring justice is served.

Understanding the Role of a Process Server:

A process server in Dubai is a legally authorized individual responsible for delivering legal documents to parties involved in a legal proceeding. They act as impartial agents of the court, ensuring that all parties are informed of their legal obligations and rights. The role of a process server is essential for upholding the principles of due process and ensuring that legal proceedings are conducted fairly and transparently.

Key Responsibilities of a Process Server in Dubai:

Document Delivery: The primary responsibility of a process server is to deliver legal documents, such as court orders, complaints, and subpoenas, to the intended recipients. They must ensure that these documents are delivered promptly and accurately to the correct individuals or entities.

Compliance with Legal Requirements: Process servers in Dubai must adhere to strict legal requirements governing the service of legal documents. This includes ensuring that documents are served within specified timeframes and in accordance with procedural rules and regulations.

Verification of Identity: Process servers must verify the identity of the recipients to whom they are delivering legal documents. This helps ensure that the documents are served to the correct individuals or entities and prevents any misunderstandings or disputes regarding service.

Record-Keeping: Accurate record-keeping is crucial for process servers to document their service attempts and provide evidence of compliance with legal requirements. They must maintain detailed records of each service attempt, including dates, times, locations, and recipient responses.

Communication: Effective communication skills are essential for process servers to interact professionally with recipients and explain the purpose of the documents being served. They must address any questions or concerns the recipients may have and ensure that they understand their legal obligations.

Process Serving Procedures in Dubai:

Document Preparation: Legal documents are prepared by the relevant legal authority or party initiating the legal action.

Assignment to Process Server: The documents are then assigned to a process server, either by the court or the party initiating the legal proceedings.

Service Attempt: The process server makes multiple attempts to serve the documents to the intended recipients at their place of residence, business, or any other location specified by the court.

Affidavit of Service: Once the documents have been successfully served, the process server prepares an affidavit of service, providing details of the service attempt and confirming compliance with legal requirements.

Return to Court: The affidavit of service is filed with the court as proof that the documents have been served, allowing the legal proceedings to progress accordingly.


Process servers play a vital role in Dubai’s legal system, ensuring that legal documents are delivered accurately, promptly, and in compliance with the law. Their efforts contribute to the fair and transparent administration of justice, helping to uphold the rights of individuals and ensure that legal proceedings are conducted fairly. By understanding the responsibilities and procedures involved in process serving, individuals and entities involved in legal proceedings in Dubai can navigate the legal landscape with confidence and clarity.

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