New Delhi, India — Prime Minister Narendra Modi has penned a heartfelt piece reflecting on India’s remarkable development journey, highlighting the nation’s progress and the collective pride it instills in its citizens. The article underscores key achievements, future goals, and the unifying spirit driving India’s transformation.

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Economic Growth and Innovation

  1. Robust Economic Expansion: PM Modi points to India’s sustained economic growth, which has positioned the nation as one of the world’s fastest-growing major economies. Key reforms and strategic investments have fostered a conducive environment for business and innovation.
  2. Startup Ecosystem Flourishes: The Prime Minister celebrates India’s emergence as a global startup hub. Initiatives like “Startup India” and “Digital India” have empowered entrepreneurs, leading to a surge in homegrown innovations and technological advancements.

Infrastructure and Connectivity

  1. Modernizing Infrastructure: Highlighting significant strides in infrastructure development, PM Modi mentions projects such as the expansion of highways, modernization of railways, and the construction of smart cities. These efforts aim to enhance connectivity and improve the quality of life for citizens.
  2. Digital Revolution: The rapid expansion of digital infrastructure has been a game-changer. The widespread availability of high-speed internet and mobile connectivity has bridged the urban-rural divide, enabling access to education, healthcare, and financial services across the nation.

Social Progress and Inclusion

  1. Empowering the Marginalized: The Prime Minister reflects on initiatives aimed at social inclusion, such as “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao,” “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,” and the provision of affordable housing. These programs strive to uplift marginalized communities and ensure equitable development.
  2. Healthcare Advancements: PM Modi acknowledges the improvements in healthcare infrastructure and services. The “Ayushman Bharat” scheme, which provides health insurance to millions, and the successful management of the COVID-19 pandemic are highlighted as significant achievements.

Sustainability and Environment

  1. Commitment to Clean Energy: India’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its ambitious renewable energy targets. PM Modi emphasizes the growth in solar and wind energy capacity, as well as efforts to promote electric mobility and reduce carbon emissions.
  2. Environmental Conservation: Initiatives like the “Namami Gange” project and extensive afforestation drives reflect the government’s commitment to preserving natural resources and promoting ecological balance.

Global Leadership and Diplomacy

  1. Strengthening International Relations: The Prime Minister discusses India’s proactive role in global diplomacy, fostering strong bilateral ties and participating in multilateral organizations. India’s leadership in addressing global challenges, such as climate change and terrorism, is also highlighted.
  2. Cultural Diplomacy: PM Modi underscores the importance of cultural diplomacy in enhancing India’s soft power. Events like the International Yoga Day and the promotion of Indian arts and culture abroad have helped in building a positive global image.

Vision for the Future

  1. Towards a Self-Reliant India: The Prime Minister reiterates the vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-Reliant India), aiming to make India a global manufacturing hub and reduce dependency on imports. This vision encompasses various sectors, including defense, technology, and agriculture.
  2. Youth and Innovation: PM Modi calls on the youth to continue driving India’s innovation and development. He emphasizes the role of education, skill development, and research in shaping a prosperous and technologically advanced future.


PM Modi’s article is a testament to India’s dynamic development journey and the collective efforts of its people. It reflects a deep sense of pride and optimism, envisioning a future where India continues to rise as a global leader while ensuring inclusive and sustainable growth

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