Washington, D.C. – June 12, 2024 – In a recent briefing, the US National Security Adviser outlined the White House’s comprehensive development goals aimed at strengthening national security and fostering international cooperation. These goals encompass various areas including technology, infrastructure, and global partnerships.

Enhancing Technological Capabilities

The adviser emphasized the importance of advancing technological capabilities to safeguard national security. This includes investing in cybersecurity measures to protect critical infrastructure from cyber threats and developing cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

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Cybersecurity Initiatives

To address growing cyber threats, the White House plans to implement robust cybersecurity initiatives. These initiatives will focus on enhancing the security of federal networks, protecting critical infrastructure, and collaborating with private sector partners to mitigate cyber risks.

Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing is a key priority. The administration aims to accelerate research and development in these fields to maintain technological superiority. Strategic investments will be made in AI-driven defense systems and quantum encryption technologies to secure communications.

Strengthening Infrastructure Resilience

A resilient infrastructure is crucial for national security. The White House’s development goals include modernizing transportation networks, energy grids, and communication systems to withstand potential threats and ensure continuity of operations.

Modernizing Transportation Networks

Efforts will be directed towards upgrading transportation networks to enhance their resilience. This includes reinforcing critical transportation hubs, expanding smart city initiatives, and integrating advanced technologies to improve traffic management and safety.

Securing Energy Grids

Ensuring the stability and security of energy grids is paramount. The administration plans to invest in renewable energy sources, upgrade existing grid infrastructure, and implement smart grid technologies to prevent disruptions and enhance energy efficiency.

Fostering Global Partnerships

The adviser highlighted the significance of fostering global partnerships to address shared security challenges. Strengthening alliances and building new coalitions will be essential to promote peace and stability.

Strengthening Alliances

The US will continue to fortify its alliances with key partners. This includes reinforcing commitments to NATO, enhancing cooperation with Indo-Pacific allies, and supporting regional security initiatives to counter emerging threats.

Building New Coalitions

In addition to existing alliances, the White House aims to build new coalitions to address global security challenges. Collaborative efforts will focus on combating terrorism, addressing climate change, and promoting economic stability in vulnerable regions.

Promoting Economic Stability

Economic stability is a cornerstone of national security. The development goals include initiatives to stimulate economic growth, reduce unemployment, and address income inequality.

Stimulating Economic Growth

To stimulate economic growth, the administration plans to invest in innovation, support small businesses, and enhance workforce development programs. This will create jobs and drive sustainable economic progress.

Reducing Income Inequality

Addressing income inequality is essential for social stability. Policies aimed at increasing access to education, healthcare, and affordable housing will be implemented to ensure equitable opportunities for all citizens.


The US National Security Adviser’s detailed outline of the White House’s development goals reflects a comprehensive approach to strengthening national security. By enhancing technological capabilities, strengthening infrastructure resilience, fostering global partnerships, and promoting economic stability, the administration aims to create a secure and prosperous future for the nation

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