Official Birth Certificate in Pakistan:

 If you need official birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. In addition to laws regarding the age of marriage, there are many related laws that affect girls’ and women’s access to alternative marriages, such as education, employment, and legal recourses once they have married. This section details several areas of law on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan in which greater harmonization may be required to respect, defend, and fulfill women’s or girls’ rights regarding child marriage.

Married Women:

Rape Girls often feel powerless to deny sex when forced into marriage. Married women who are significantly older than their husbands are more likely for their daughters to be victims of sexual abuse or exploitation. Forced intercourse can cause health problems for girls, increasing their risk of morbidity or maternal mortality. Saw Pakistan pass the Offence of Zina (Enforcement Hudood), Ordinance.

Law on Birth Certificate:

This law on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan repealed provisions from the PPC that dealt with rape and established a new crime of zina bil jibr . This new offense defined sexual intercourse as occurring without the consent of the victim. However, it excluded any instances of sexual interaction with one’s spouse. Therefore, the Zina Ordinance specifically exempted marital sexual abuse from criminal punishment. In, zina bil jibr Protection of Women Act Amendment was passed to repeal this provision. The PPC was also amended to include Section. The section defines rape in terms of sexual intercourse by an individual with a woman against her consent or will; it does, however, not explicitly exclude sexual contact with a married couple.

Child Custody in Pakistan:

According to the PPC, the current law on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan regarding rape doesn’t explicitly exclude marital and intimate rape. However, the PPC does NOT criminalize marital sexual rape. Section (v) of PPC states that sexual intercourse is considered rape if it occurs with a minor female, regardless of whether she consents. Rape can lead to up to a year of imprisonment. Given the ambiguity in the law on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan regarding marital or extramarital rape, there is no clear law regarding whether sexual intercourse with a girl younger than years old within marriage would fall under the definition for birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan.

Limits legal remedies:

This legal uncertainty severely limits legal remedies for girls who are forced into sexual intercourse by their parents; as a result, child marriage. Pakistani culture is known for the practice of Dowry. When a girl marries, her parents may pay her dowry. Due to the dowry system, daughters can become financially burdened by their families. Many families consider it economical to give their daughters away for their marriage.

Child Marriage:

Child marriages often have lower dowry payments and spare the family from the extra cost of raising their daughters. Also, child marriages are economically good for the wife’s parents as the husband will get a spouse who is less likely than his family to resist the imposition of unpaid labor.

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