Correct Birth Certificate in Pakistan:

If you need a correct birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. It would have the effect of removing the general law which applies to all child relationships to the CMRA. The CMRA has lower penalties. In other words, if the applicable criminal penalties are unclear, the lower penalty will apply. If Section B, the amended Section of the PPC, is interpreted that it applies only to forced child marriages (implying that a distinction is made between forced marriages and child marriages), then there will be no conflict between this section of the PPC and the CMRA on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan. As the latter would only apply to forced child marriages, the former would apply to all other child weddings. It would be easy to identify which law applies, as the two laws would cover different subjects.

Section B of PPC:

As we have already mentioned, it isn’t clear whether Section B of PPC applies to all child marriages. Because a child can’t consent to marriage, it is assumed that all children married are forced marriages. This question is still unresolved by Pakistani judges and legislators on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan. It remains to be seen what the amendments to Section B of PPC will do. There is no consensus that forced sex within child-married relationships is non-consensual. Neither CMRA nor SCMRA explicitly criminalizes forced sex. A section in the PPC provides that a man may be presumed to rape if they have sex together with a minor. However, no provision states that intercourse between sexes within a marriage can be considered rape.

Child Custody in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan recently recognized that forced marriage with a girl aged under is considered rape. Declaring that “there cannot be any doubt that if her husband forcibly a girl to have sexual intercourse with him against her will or not her consent, it would amount to a violation in her human right and dignity guaranteed through the Constitution.” Pakistani courts still haven’t made the same determination. Inconsistency among the CMRA & Personal Laws Courts on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan has interpreted CMRA under the light of an unmodified principle in Muslim private law that a boy & girl may marry as long as they reach puberty.

Pakistan Supreme Court:

As stated above, Pakistan’s Supreme Court, as well as provincial high courts, have ruled that a girl who is under can marry despite the CMRA’s ‘age limits.’ This is due to the fact that Muslim personal laws prescribe a lower age. This severely undermines the efficacy and effectiveness of the CMRA minimum age provisions.


While other religions, such as Islam, have their own personal laws on birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan that establish different ages to marry, the courts are still deciding whether these laws or the CMRA will apply. The HMA specifies a different age for marriage to the CMRA. The CMA, however, does not specify a minimum age for marriage. While the SMA, on the other hand, prescribes a minimum age between and for girls and boys. Other Legal Issues Related to Child Marriage.

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